Hand Forms

There are three handforms:

  • Short form – created by Dan Docherty
  • Long form – the original handform of Cheng Tin Hung
  • Advanced Short form – a competition routine created by Dan Docherty

The hand forms contain the hand to hand combat techniques of Tai Chi Chuan. Many of these are simple enough to be used for self defence on the street.

Sabre form

The Chinese Sabre, also called a broadsword or knife, was the mainstay weapon for the Chinese Army for centuries. It has a single cutting edge and a point and can be used for slashing or stabbing. The sabre is quite heavy and doing the form improves physical strength as well as giving a cardiovascular workout which is absent from the slow motion handforms. We also teach the fighting techniques of the sabre.

Sword Form

The Chinese Sword has a flexible blade, with two cutting edges and a sharp point, it was used for duelling and for self defence. Use of the sword is extremely skillful. The form is long, complicated and exacting. It requires considerable physical strength and flexibilty; thus it is taught to senior students. Fighting applications are also available for the sword.

Spear Form

Spearmen formed the Vanguard of the Chinese Infantry. The spear was between 6 and 12 feet long and almost impassable for a man with a short weapon.

The Wudang Spear form is short and there are fighting applications for the spear. But it is quite difficult to wield such a long weapon. There are fighting applications for the spear and sticking spear exercises used to increase skill. Spears used in training usually do not have a metal end. This is for safety reasons.

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